• Our Mission


    The Gandy Art House GAH is dedicated to making art accessible, fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and healing through the arts. Our mission is to use art as a healing tool, building connections through creativity in underserved and marginalized communities. We are committed to providing arts programming in safe spaces where everyone can freely express themselves and thrive, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and compassionate world.



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    In March 2020, the world was abruptly thrust into a global crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, causing a collective pause in our lives. During this challenging period of forced togetherness, artist Mira Gandy and her mother found themselves in deep reflection. As they watched the weeks of quarantine transform into seemingly endless months, a profound realization emerged: the world was hungry for the healing power of the arts.


    The Gandy Art House (GAH) idea was conceived from this shared conviction. Since its inception in 2020, GAH has been driven by Mira's unwavering passion for making art accessible to LGBTQ+ youth, families, and young artists of color.




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